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“Successful men rely on our custom clothing
to be sophistically tailored for impressions that last a lifetime.”

Nicholas Joseph Custom Suits, Mens Clothing & Furnishings - Retail, Chicago, IL

Custom Tailors and Designers AssociationTHE IDEA THAT JUST FIT…

In late 2004, Nicholas, working for a consulting firm, was inspired when making his first custom clothing purchase while on a trip overseas. After the trip, he researched the concept and realized that the custom clothing market did exist at home, but the process, product, and image of the custom clothing business needed to be improved. Nicholas thought that clients would see real value if the experience was simplified , construction and fabrics were top notch, as convienient as it could be, and the pricing made sense. He then used his consulting skills to “land on two feet” in this new industry, learn from and gather a team of experts, and launch Nicholas Joseph as the first online website where a guy could pick a fabric and design a custom shirt, suit, trouser, or sport coat online.

In 2005, Nicholas gathered a team of expert tailors and launched Nicholas Joseph, Custom Suits You.

Online orders came in from across the United States as Nicholas deepened his understanding of the measuring, constructing, and fitting process. He soon realized that although people purchased online, custom clothing is a high touch product that needs experts to meet with clients in person. He then opened his first studio location inside an upscale men’s barbershop in Chicago and was surprised at how fast sales took off when guys could try on different styles, touch the luxury fabrics, and be measured, and ultimately fitted, by an expert. Within two years, they had four studio locations in Chicago – Loop, Gold Coast, Lincoln Park, and South Loop.

Prior to 2009, Nicholas sent his fine fabrics from Italy, England, and Spain overseas for construction, but then saw real value in offering custom clothing Made in the USA. In fact, the USA line is made by a tailoring family that once suited both the Ford and Vanderbilt families.

A SHOWROOM WITH A MASTER TAILOR (The Nicholas Joseph Difference)
In 2010, a new showroom was opened in Chicago’s River North neighborhood, with dozens of samples and displays designed to inspire, and years of experienced experts ready to deliver, complete with a Master Tailor on site. Nicholas continues to work with clients by pulling from his creative and business background, creating the perfect balance of style and fit.

Fabrics are sourced globally with the finest coming from England, Italy, and Spain from mills such as Ermanegildo Zegna, Guabello, Reda, and Scabal, among others. Custom shirts are made by hand by our exclusive team of six custom shirt tailors and are known as the best custom shirts in Chicago due to the superior construction of the collars and cuffs – just ask our clients. Custom clothing is made in the USA or overseas, depending on client preference. Paper patterns are made for each client and literally hang on the tailor’s wall to be adjusted after receiving the first fitting notes, and ready for future orders.

Nicholas Joseph is poised for continued growth due to their talented team and value proposition for the client – the Nicholas Joseph custom clothing experience combines an expert team approach with a modern showroom, Master Tailor, pricing that is often lower than most off-rack designer clothing, and consistent fit due to paper patterns that are made for each client, making re-order easy.

In addition to our fine custom clothing for individual clients, Nicholas Joseph also provides custom design and construction of uniforms for several fine dining restaurants, hotels, and upscale hospitality centers throughout North America.

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