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  • Free Custom Shirt for New Clients

    New clients get a free custom shirt ($119) with first custom
    suit purchase, see why ours are the best in Chicago.


  • Invest in Custom Clothing.

    You have seven seconds to make a first impression.


  • You Owe Yourself Custom Clothing.

    A wardrobe of perfect fitting clothing for every occasion.
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  • Expert Guidance and Experience.

    Successful men have relied on us to deliver
    custom clothing since 2005.


Our custom experience and fit is #1 in Chicago, and our pricing follows suit:

  • Amazing Value: custom clothing for often less than off-rack suits (custom Super 120s suits from $795, custom shirts from $119)
  • Fine Fabrics: pure wools & luxurious cottons from top suiting labels (Ermenegildo Zegna, Guabello, Reda, Lessona, and many others)
  • Expert Tailoring: a perfect fit, in-house master tailor, and individual patterns kept on file. (we’re also known as having the Best custom shirts in Chicago)
  • In-Store Experience: See finished garments and be fitted by a master tailor in our showroom

Custom Shirts from $119     ·     Custom Suits from $795     ·     Save 15% with Packages


One Suit Refresh :$1243 (save $186)

1 custom suit, 2 custom shirts, 2 silk ties, 2 pocket squares

Two Suits + Essentials :$2620 (save $393)
2 custom suits, 5 custom shirts, 5 silk ties, 2 pocket squares

5 Custom Shirts :$506 (save $89)
5 custom shirts

See more package pricing and individual item pricing below:

Custom Clothing Packages Custom Suits Custom Shirts Chicago Custom Suit

Individual Pricing for Custom Clothing online & in-showroom

Dress Shirt: $119-$215+
Suit (two piece): $795+
Suit (three piece): $995+
Trousers/Pant: $225+
Blazers/Sport Coat: $625+
Overcoat: $1095+; Cashmere Top Coat $1295+
Tuxedo: $995 Super 120s+

Seasonal fabrics in store

Cashmere, Wool/Silk blends, Cotton Suitings, Seersucker (stripes & plaids), Linens (incl. wool/linen, cotton/linen), & many additional patterns (glenplaids, houndstooth, floral, etc.)

Rush fees (when available)

Shirt approx. 3 weeks $75
Suit approx. 3 weeks $150 or 15%
(Standard delivery time is 4-6 weeks)

Oversize fee
a 15% surcharge applies if any of the following measurements are exceeded: chest, jacket/shirt waist, or hips > 48, jacket or shirt length > 34, sleeve length > 38, pant waist > 45, crotch < 34, outseam > 44

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